(Refill) 50x "Think Before You Click" Stickers



This product consists of 50x (fifty) individual, bright orange, "Think Before You Click"  vinyl stickers.

The stickers are designed to support compliance with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials,  compliance with your Information Security Policy, and to serve as an employee prompt to support compliance with data protection legislation.

What is this?

A car is not often responsible for a car crash, just as technology is not often responsible for a data breach or cyber security incident. It is often human error through acting too quickly.

These bright orange stickers provide a highly visible reminder to employees to take a few extra seconds in considering their activity when undertaking their duties on computer devices (such as iPhones and laptops, for example).

By taking just 2 extra seconds before sending an email, or clicking a link, an employee could drastically reduce the likelihood of a successful fraud against your business.


  • Highly visible to ensure employee engagement.
  • In conjunction with Cyber Security Awareness Training or the Cyber Safety At Work pack, provides a cost effective resource to implement a stronger culture of information security and data protection compliance.


  • Convenient dimensions of 12mm by 48mm ensures these stickers will fit on any computer device: smart phones, tablets, laptops and even the bezel of desktop monitors.
  • Gloss vinyl sticker is bright orange in colour, and a highly noticeable presence in the desk space.
  • Stickers are repealable and removable, so you can reuse them when old equipment is disposed of.
  • Convenient pack size of 50 stickers, enough to guide 25 employees (assuming two devices to each member of staff).

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