(Refill) 40x Cyber Guidance Booklets



40x (forty) employee information security and data protection education booklets designed as a cost-effective mechanism for supporting compliance with Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 as well as data protection legislation requirements. They are further designed to integrate with cyber-related HR policies.

These booklets are an excellent cyber security awareness training tool for enterprises  large and small.

What is this?

The Cyber Safety At Work employee education booklet is an A4 trifold (folded in to 3 leaves, giving 6 panels in total) booklet. A copy should be provided for each employee to store by their desk, providing constant access to education and best practice information.

The booklet is designed to educate employees on their information security and data protection responsibilities and also on cyber hygiene best practices.

This education reduces the likelihood of a cyber security incident arising, as many cyber incidents can often be traced back to a member of staff (misuse of data, status updates on Facebook that slander a client, loss of a computer that wasn't stored securely, etc.)


  • Quick and easy to deploy.
  • Attractive design to encourage use and regular reference.
  • Supports your efforts in evolving the culture of information security and data protection governance within your business.


  • A4 trifold size is convenient to be kept at or beside the employee's desk.
  • Convenient pack of 40 booklets.
  • Designed as a refill for the full Cyber Safety At Work pack.
  • Includes 2 (two) additional copies of the "Employee receipt of guidance" document, which records that you've issued employees with guidance on this topic matter.

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